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jet league

The goal of the jet league is to provide rec. teams a season continuing opportunity to keep their teams playing together in a fun and up-tempo experience that pushes both strategy and stick skills, while demanding teamwork and equal playing time for all players of each team.

2 Divisions

  • Boys 12U (5/6 Grade this fall) and Boys 14U (7/8 Grade This Fall)

  • League to start September 11th, 2022

  • 6 Game Season PLUS Playoffs (1 Playoff Game Guaranteed)

  • Games to be played Sunday evenings at the Southpointe Field House

  • Paid Referees and Medic On Site

  • Roster of 12 field players and 1 Goalie

  • Sign up for Entry on a Team Basis

league concept


  • 4v4 league with Goalies – Roster of 12 field players and 1 Goalie

  • Every 1:45 of running clock time a horn is sounded resulting in a dead ball. ALL Field Players must immediately run to their bench to change “lines”. One player at a time is released from their bench as each swapping player makes it to the bench zone. Dead ball will become live once the first player from either team achieves possession. GOALIES MAY NOT PLAY THE DEAD BALL.

  • Lines of 3 must be rolled in an order each half, to achieve equal playing time for every player.

   If a team is short on players to make a full “line” switch, all players must still come off the field and then the player may self-release from the bench once they have made it to the bench area.

  • 6x6 Regulation Goals

  • No Long Poles

  • No Body Checking

  • Offsides Rule on Mid Field – No Over and Back

  • One face-off to start each half, possession changes after every goal. Goalie clears from the net after each goal.

    Players will remain in their cars until 5 minutes before their field time and then enter the left side of the building.
    8 Min - Warm up and Staging
    21 Min. – 1st Half
    2 Min. – Halftime
    21 Min. – 2nd Half

  • 8 Min. – Braveheart Overtime (if needed) and Field Clear Off

additional information

team info


  • Signing up for the league will be done on a team basis, instead of individually. Team entry will be $1,625 at a breakdown of $125 a player.

  • Multiple teams per rec. organization are allowed.

  • Coaches are not required for the league, but are strongly encouraged to ensure each team is rolling lines properly to provide equal playing time to all.

  • All players and team coaches will have to sign waivers to participate in the league.

  • We believe the benefits of team entry are:
    - Keeping rec. teams playing together longer through the year, giving a better Spring season experience and helping player growth and development for High School Lacrosse teams
    - Giving teams the ability to practice independently if they choose.
    - Allowing families to get more use of spring youth jerseys 


  • If for any reason the Southpointe Fieldhouse cannot allow the league to continue play a pro-rated refund will be given to each team.

  • If for any reason a team must forfeit and/or pull out of the league, a refund will NOT be given to the team.

Team Info
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